Chief Wor’Yahi Meets the Prince of Pan-Africanism

November 5, 2021 our Chief Wor’Yahi had the honor to meet the PRINCE of PAN- AFRICANISM, otherwise known as, Dr. Umar Johnson!

During this meet, Tyriek “Ras Riek” Baucom was able to gift Dr.Umar a copy of his Self-Published book ‘Afrikan Warrior Wisdom: Martial Arts Philosophy from the Afrikan Mind Vol. I’. Our Chief had the chance to express the future works & developments of our school as well as even discuss possible future works with Dr. Umar’s Fredrick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy!

Our Leader is working diligently to build the foundations of this organization slowly but surely & it is a complete & beautiful sight to see the journey of our young Afrikan Warrior Leader!

To all those wishing to support the growth of our school please feel free to donate to our CashApp & PayPal down below!


CashApp: $WORAcademy

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